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How To Sell We buy: Mon 11-5, Tues NO buying, Wed 11-5, Thurs 11-5, Fri 11-5, Sat 11-4, Sun NO buying We prefer items not on hangers; any bag, bin, basket is accepted. We ask that clothes are folded, clean and free of smoke & pet hair. All items must be within 2 years old. A buyer will look through your items and assess condition. Any items we would like to purchase will them be entered into our computer program. The items will be given a price based on brand, current inventory, type of clothing & demand. A cash offer will be made on anything we would like to buy and you may either accept or decline. If you accept, we will pay you cash right on the spot & you may either take back the rest of your items. If declined, all your items would be taken back with you. Other Notes: We do not accept suits or formal dresses. We do not accept Walmart brands, K-Mart brands, Alfred Dunner, Sag Harbour or Basic Editions. We do not accept Junior's brands i.e. Body Central, Aeropostle, Hollister etc. We do buy seasonally: Summer items i.e. tank tops, shorts, sandals etc. are accepted March through May Winter items i.e. sweaters, coats, boots etc. are accepted August through October. General clothing i.e. dresses, skirts, tops, capris, pants etc. are accepted year round along with purses, shoes, jewelry & accessories. *Some items may not be accepted because we do not have a current need for it in our inventory; this doesn't mean anything is wrong with it or that we wouldn't use it later. Thank You !
How to Sell How to Sell